Long Way Home: A Halo Story (2021)

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⁣"A lone Trooper must rendezvous with his squad on Delta Halo after a failed drop from orbit."

This film was made as a final end-of-year project for a screen and film production course at Yoobee in Wellington, New Zealand.

Made over a course of 10 weeks on a budget of "I'll buy you lunch today" this project had to go through pitching, storyboarding, extensive pre-production, a week long shoot of half days and careful post-production.

The film was inspired by Peter Jackson's production approach to "The Lord of the Rings" where he used epic, natural landscapes as well as the use of physical props, vehicles and creatures peppered with a little cgi to bring a gritty reality to the story.

I hope you enjoy.
Gareth Reeve

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